Bot Privacy

Last updated June 27, 2021
  • What kind of data do we store?

    We are storing the following data:
    User Id
    Used to store all user related data like characters, items, and fuel related profile related info.Guild Id
    Used to store all settings related information, like prefix, disabled channels and language.Channel Ids
    Channels ids that are used in the guild configuration.Messages Ids
    Messages ids of the bot only, for editing embeds for some commands.Other Data
    Other information filled by the user when creating guilds (like guild name, descriptions) are stored and can easily be deleted by deleting the guild.
  • Where are the data stored?

    All the data are stored in postgreSQL database that is only accessible in local.
    The server is located in europe.
  • How can I request the deletion of my data?

    Server Data
    All server related data are removed when the bot leaves the server.User Data
    You can ask your data deletion in the official server or by email at [email protected]